Top Fireplace Design Trends of 2018

Sep 16, 2018 | Main Blog

When you think of up and coming design trends, you may think of runway high fashion or the next great gadget released by Apple or Google sure to change our lives forever!  However, as technology and interior design evolves, fireplace manufacturers are constantly innovating in step.  Check out these top 11 fireplace and fire pit trends for 2018 ranging from contemporary designer surrounds, to hibachi-style fire pits and even a flame that will dance along to your playlist.

Striking Centerpieces

While most fireplaces are mounted into a wall or pushed to a corner, some designers have taken the bold step of making their fireplace a dramatic focal point right in the center of it all. This design allows groups to gather around on all sides enjoying the heat and view from 360 degrees, conjuring up feelings that fall somewhere between nostalgic nights filled with ghost stories and art gallery visits.

woodburning fireplace, modern design

The Filiofocus Central by Focus fires features heat-resistant sliding glass doors and hand-formed steel hearth.  

360 fireplace element4 4-sided fireplace see-through fireplace direct vent fireplace modern fireplace

The 360 Fireplace by Element4 is a cozy focal point in the Flour Bakery. (Cambridge, MA)

A Fire with Function: A Gathering Place and Delicious Hibachi

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could easily do more than just roast marshmallows over a fire? We found an outdoor fire pit that combines aesthetics and practicality to create a welcoming hub for both cooking and socializing. With a modern industrial Corten steel finish and integrated fuel wood storage, this fire is designed to go beyond beauty and warmth.  Perfect for outdoor gatherings, OFYR’s simple classic lines work in harmony with any setting, and its multi-purpose design is sure to impress your guests. Whether your’re a trained teppanyaki chef or simply well versed in the art of hot dog roasting, grab a  few friends and get grillin!

open vase fireplace

The OFYR’s unique design is functional year round and built to thrive in the elements.

Dress up the Inside of your Fireplace

In recent years, designers have embraced the raw and natural look of industrial warehouse spaces and are creating, within these historic walls, chic urban lofts and artist studios. Bring that same aesthetic to your fireplace with these new concrete style interiors. With their rich, textured appearance this interior gives your fireplace a bold architectural appeal and enhances the look of your flames.

modern gas fireplace with concrete panels

The concrete interiors bring an industrial feel to this modern 3-sided fireplace.

A Fireplace that Grooves to your Playlist

Put a modern-day spin on a traditional fire pit by adding a little technology and a whole lot of groove to your fire. Imagine a unique sound-reactive fire experience, allowing music to stream through the integrated sound system and make the flames dance to the rhythm. Sync up your smartphone, laptop, or smartwatch via bluetooth to the new Music City Fireplace, and watch the flames dance all night. With weather resistant speakers, LED lights, and an adjustable flame height… what more do you need to get the party started?



Fire Media that Mimics Nature

For years, if you had a gas fireplace that meant your options for fire media were limited to traditional brown logs or modern glass pebbles.  European Home set out to buck this trend by turning their attention to nature.   They researched landscapes near and far for inspiration and came up with a set of curated fire media mixes that mimic the detritus of the natural world: from scattered birch logs to a barren tundra. These new combinations more realistically resemble nature with their diversity of textures and colors.

crystal and log burning sets

[From left to right] Forest Path, Tundra and Fallen Birch make up the Landscape Series — a more natural take on fire media for gas fireplaces.

Double-Glass Fireplaces


Since new regulations passed in 2015, all fireplaces with a glass front must now come with a safety barrier installed to prevent direct contact with hot surfaces. For the longest time this meant you only had one option,  a mesh safety screen. Now,  there is an alternative option: The Glass Safety Barrier (GSB) system.  This new technology features two layers of glass for safety and clean, trimless lines for the sake of style. Air is vented between these two glass layers, reducing the heat of the outermost pane. Hot air travels up the chase and is then efficiently distributed into the room, so no heat is lost. This clean and stylish look maximizes the trimless modern lines of your fireplace and is especially a great option for commercial spaces.

clear glass countertop fireplace

The glass safety barrier is shown on the Lucius 140. This feature is available for most Element4 fireplaces.

A Contemporary Take on Classic Design

Combining a classic craft with the contemporary.  The Shaker Stove is a cozy new design that we’re starting to see mocked up in modern cabin renderings left and right. This wood burning stove brings a decorative accent to any contemporary space, while providing all the allure a natural wood burning fireplace provides. The Shaker Stove is designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio and is based off of classic American Shaker furniture design. He claims the secret to his success is a commitment and trust in his individuality. “I design objects for myself, and not in response to the recommendations of the market. If I didn’t want to surround myself with my designs, then they wouldn’t exist.”

modern wood stove fireplace

The Wittus Shaker stove provides the allure of a traditional wood stove with the aesthetic of a modern fireplace.

Designer Surrounds: Adding A Personal Touch To Your Modern Fireplace

Whether your design style is industrial, traditional, coastal, minimalist or modern, you can build a custom fireplace surround that suits your style. European Home just launched a brand new interactive digital fireplace surround builder that allows you to mix and match to create something uniquely you. With the option to choose a fireplace size, a design style or configuration, as well as the surround materials for the H Series fireplace, you will find over 300 combinations to design!

Designer Fireplace Surrounds by European Home

Create your own fireplace design trend with this interactive Fireplace Surround Builder.

Material Warmth

Wouldn’t it be great if everything we stored looked as good as a cleanly stacked pile of firewood?  This Scandinavian-inspired design trend looks amazing and makes practical sense.  No more trudging to the garage in 3 feet of snow to fetch more wood!

wood trimmed fireplace in a modern home

This cove filled with firewood brings a natural texture to a living room and compliments this modern linear fireplace quite well.

Technology takes Center Stage

As you may have guessed, there’s an app for that!  Some fireplace companies have recently introduced app control for their modern gas fireplaces.  Set user preferences, utilize Eco Modes, and take advantage of the coolest party trick around when you ignite your fireplace with a swipe and a tap.

ProControl App that seamlessly operates your modern fireplace

The intuitive ProControl App by Element4 allows you to control your flames and utilize pre-programmed Eco Modes to save fuel.   

Vertical Fireplaces

Modern design has pushed the linear fireplace for some time now. Introducing: the vertical modern fireplace. These stunning vertical fireplaces give architects the opportunity to design spaces with semi-transparent walls and large dramatic flames. The Sky T by Element4 is a double-sided gas fireplace that soars over 5 feet tall and features robust and programable flames.

modern gas vertical fireplace

The see-through design of this stunning vertical fireplace creates a needed divider for this open floor plan.


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